Oct/November Monthly Update

November Newsletter

Hey chefs, a busy two months with Staking Summit in Turkey, our Tenderize V2 testnet launch, and so much more!

Zebu Live Pitch Competition

Head Chef Alec Shaw spoke in London at Zebu’s web3 event, and ended up placing 3rd overall in their startup pitch competition!

Make sure to checkout the full pitch here:

Rollups Unleashed: The State of LSDFI

Later in the month, Tenderize joined a panel hosted by The Rollup alongside other players in the industry like Pendle and Swell Network to discuss all things liquid staking. For the full recording, check out the tweet below:

For a taste of what the space was like, here’s Head Chef Alec Shaw talking about regulated staking companies securing long-term contracts with institutions.


November was an action-filled month, with the team getting ready to travel to Turkey while putting the last final touches on the testnet, right before its grand reveal.

Staking Summit: Validator Prix

Immediately upon arrival, we began winning. COO Salim Hadri won the validator prix, a fine example of how we race fast, and ship even faster.

Staking Summit main event

During the main event, Alec held his keynote, “A New Approach to Liquid Staking”:

While Founder/CTO Nico Vergauwen along other staking players participated in a panel:

When the team wasn’t busy with talks, they were busy giving merch and talking to soon-to-be Chefs at our booth:

It was also during this time we stealth launched testnet to event attendees only, before unveiling it to the world that following week:

Post event

After the event, the team still had a few things to do, namely a happy hour where we got to meet even more people, unwind a bit, and answer any questions that we didn’t have time to get to at the event.

We also participated in the Degen Rooftop After hours event held by Staking Circle, where Head Chef Alec spoke on a panel, in a more intimate setting:

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With mainnet quickly approaching in January, the opportunity to join as a launch partner and earn bonus WAGYU rewards is quickly closing. Check out how to become a launch partner at https://www.tenderize.me/

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