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The Graph (GRT)Livepeer (LPT)Polygon (MATIC)Ethereum (ETH)Solana (SOL)SEI Network (SEI)

Liquidity for all stake

Stake to the validators of your choice, earn staking rewards and help secure your favorite Proof-of-Stake networks.

Receive LSTs specific to these validators that can be used in the Tenderize ecosystem and DeFi, or composed into other LST protocols.

Benefit from TenderSwap, a liquidity backstop for all Tenderize based LSTs.


Stake assets and mint tTokens: a liquid representation of stake & rewards specific to one validator


An shared liquidity pool offering instant swaps between tTokens and the underlying asset for a small fee

Validator or Delegator ?

Become a Launch Partner!

Tenderize is offering genesis grants to early adopters. Validators and delegators who seed initial stake on Tenderize receive bonus airdrops and more.

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The Tenderize Ecosystem

Selector Validator

Users can stake to any validator in the ecosystem


Stake MATIC, GRT or LPT - Receive a liquid and tradable tToken in return


Native staking rewards
+ bonus (WAGYU)


Skip unlock period, swap instantly on TenderSwap


Unstake assets and yield 1:1 by waiting the unlock period


Use tTokens as collateral - minting USD stablecoin

Supported Assets

The Graph (GRT)Livepeer (LPT)Polygon (MATIC)Ethereum (ETH)Solana (SOL)SEI Network (SEI)


The value accrual and governance token of the Tenderize ecosystem. Read the details in here.

How it works

Tenderize is pioneering Liquid Staking 2.0

Liquid staking 2.0 features a totally new approach, which protects against centralizing forces of traditional liquid staking.

Tenderize enables liquid staking without compromising a decentralized validator set, and delivers a staking experience that is as native as possible.



Tenderize V1 mainnet launch

Tenderize V2 research & development


Genesis Grants (current)

Early users seeding initial stake on Tenderize in exchange for incentives.


Testnet Launch

Medium Rare
(End of January '24)

Mainnet launch

Stake and migrate assets, prepare for airdrop

Go To Cookout

(June '24)

Token Generation event

Airdrop & staking incentives
DEX/CEX liquidity

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