Tenderize Cookout

Join The Liquid Staking 2.0 Revolution!


Embark on a 3-month staking adventure to celebrate the Tenderizev2 launch!

Stake MATIC, GRT and LPT after the launch to collect exclusive hats on top of your regular staking rewards!

crown crown crown

Check Tenderizev1 Airdrop

Are You on the Guest List?

Users who have staked or provided liquidity on Tenderize v1 are eligible for a retroactive airdrop. Connect your Ethereum wallet and check your eligibility in a snap!

Phase 1

Prepare for the Cookout

Join Tenderize Socials

Verify on QuestN to earn 10 hats

Marinate Your Stake
Prep for the Feast!

Get your tokens ready ahead of launch, to maximize your potential hats!

Invite friends
Earn More Hats

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Phase 2

Mainnet Launch: Start Cooking

Protocol 3Protocol 2Protocol 1

Liquid stake MATIC, LPT or GRT

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Earn hats by staking to your favorite validator(s) or providing liquidity. The more you cook, the more hats you can earn!

A cookout is nothing
without friends

Invite friends with your referral code to earn bonus hats during the cookout.

Phase 3

WAGYU Time !

$WAGYU Token Generation Event

Users that have earned hats, can convert those for WAGYU.

Convert Hats to WAGYU
*Coming Soon

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