The Tenderize Manifesto

Web3 enables an open internet with more economic freedom in which users do not just create and consume content but also take full control over their digital lives.

For us, a neutral protocol that adds value to stakeholders is at the center, all while remaining decentralized, trustless, non-custodial and secure.

The real seismic shift Web3 provides is the ability to participate and ownership of  infrastructure our digital world runs on. We want to accelerate this vision by enhancing the economic primitives and incentives powering these new networks, which are crucial for continued growth and adoption.

Our Mission & Vision

Tenderize is on a mission to create a decentralized and composable staking middleware protocol that unlocks new use cases for staked assets in web3, creating capital efficiency and possibilities previously impossible for participants in web3 infrastructure.

Our vision is to unlock the full utility potential of staked assets in Web3 while minimizing any obstructions to existing workflows and mechanics. We believe in an open and neutral approach where Tenderize will never negatively impact the Web3 ecosystem and be value-adding to the supported protocols and their community.

Supercharge Stake

We believe empowering staked assets with better capital efficiency and user experience is key for lowering barriers, thriving growth and fostering decentralization of web3 infrastructure protocols.

The first benefit of liquid staking is unlocking staked assets and their cash flows. By creating markets for liquid staked assets, these assets and cash flows can be capitalized, allowing more flexibility for node operators and delegators to e.g. fund operational costs or even expand their businesses thanks to the additional free cash flow. Catching two birds with one stone, these markets also provide easier and, more importantly, cheaper acquisition of staked assets.

With a liquid-staked asset and secondary markets available, a whole wide array of new use cases and utility becomes available. One of the most important use cases, we think, is for node operators and delegators to be able to collateralize their stake and its cash flows (auto-repayable loans, anyone?), giving them access to a new source of capital to grow and help the network thrive. Another useful tool would be able to hedge stake efficiently and make it delta-neutral, or even leverage up for the brave souls among us.

What we stand for

Tenderize is a globally distributed team made up of long-term web3 builders and believers. We evangelize the web3 values of openness and decentralization and carry those out within our project.

We truly believe it is adamant that we do not undermine those core web3 values, but print those from the get-go.

Join Tenderize in our mission to radically improve staking and accelerate the growth of web3.

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