Tenderize v2 is Live! Join The Cookout now and start gathering HATS!

Tenderize Team
by Tenderize Team

Jan 30, 2024 3 min read

Tenderize v2 is Live! Join The Cookout now and start gathering HATS!

The Feast Begins

Welcome to the grand opening of the Tenderize V2, the first credibly neutral liquid staking protocol. As we carve into this new era, our alliance of  seasoned backers include crypto OGs such as Eden Block, Figment Capital, and TRGC, and node operator partners such as StakeSquid, Allnodes, P2P, Luganodes and over 40 more.  By joining the movement you’ll join these master chefs in usering in liquid staking 2.0 - the new liquid staking architecture which protects the censorship resistance of the underlying blockchain while offering your favorite liquid staking experiences. Tenderize is more than just a single protocol; it's a network of multiple protocols working together, allowing the end user to interact with the system up to their comfort level, creating a custom liquid staking experience without infringing on decentralization of the network.  

The Cookout' Campaign - A Culinary Conquest

The centerpiece of our grand opening is 'The Cookout' campaign, a delectable opportunity to earn HATS, which will later be transformed into the coveted $WAGYU token at our Token Generation Event (TGE) in May. This campaign isn't just a side dish; it's the main course, offering a smorgasbord of rewards for early depositors who stake their $MATIC, $LPT, and $GRT with us. After the Dencun upgrade, repeat this process to earn staking yield + HATS on your ETH. 

Recipe for Participation

Ready to join the feast? Here's how you can participate:

1) Get MATIC, LPT or GRT

2) Go to Tenderize Staking Module

3) Select Your Network and Grill (Validator): Every chef has their preferred grill; in Tenderize, the user chooses which individual validator to liquid stake to. Creating your own custom basket or index comes later. 

4) Delegate, mint tToken: Delegate your tokens to your chosen validator. This process is akin to marinating your meat, ensuring it's imbued with the rich flavors of staking yield.

5) Monitor Stake + collect HATS: Check your tToken balance under ‘My Balance’. Your Tenderize LSTs,  called tTokens, which will accrue rewards specific to your selected validator. Hats are automatically accruing.

6) tToken Utility: As of now your job is to mint tTokens and accrue hats. Monitor Tenderize for new tToken use cases such as creating a custom index with TenderPools or collateralizing the tToken and borrowing stablecoins against it with BeefBank and partner borrow/lend protocols. 

Refer Friends - Earn more HATS

The feast at Tenderize is best enjoyed with company. Refer your friends to join 'The Cookout', and you'll earn an additional 15% in HATS. It's the secret sauce that enhances the flavor of your participation, making the rewards even more delectable: mint yours now at tenderize.me/cookout

As the campaign progresses, your HATS will mature like a fine wine, ready to be converted into WAGYU at the Token Generation Event. This is your invitation to the Tenderize table, where the returns are as rich as the finest steak, and the community's spirit is as warm as a hearth. Join us, and let's make DeFi decentralized and credibly neutral together!

Social Links
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tenderize_me
Tenderize Dashboard: https://www.app.tenderize.me
Cookout Campaign: https://www.tenderize.me/cookout
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/z2MnMXpZDZ
QuestN: https://app.questn.com/quest/854690266422763577

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