Tenderize v2 Testnet is Live!

After over a year of research and development, Tenderize Labs has deployed Tenderize v2 to Arbitrum Goerli testnet! This is the final testing phase before the January mainnet launch of Tenderize v2. 

What is Testnet

Arbitrum Goerli is a testnet chain that mirrors the functionality of the Arbitrum One mainnet. It's connected to the Ethereum Goerli testnet, allowing the Tenderize Labs team and our launch partners to test their smart contracts in a risk-free environment before deploying them on the mainnet.

By deploying the code on testnet, it allows for partners to test the product before staking their MATIC, LPT or GRT on launch day. All activity that is done on Arbitrum is done with testnet tokens, meaning that users don’t risk any capital testing Tenderize v2 on Goerli. 

Alpha Test Tenderize v2

When using Goerli, you’ll testnet assets to interact with the Tenderize v2 testnet. Built right into the app, users can mint testnet GRT, LPT or MATIC. These testnet tokens can be used to access the validator specific staking, unstaking and swaping features on Tenderize v2. 

To collect testnet tokens, follow this link: cooking.tenderize.me/faucets

Testnet Functionality

Validator Specific Liquid Staking (TenderVaults)

Withdraw 1:1 Unstaking (TenderVaults)

Instant Unstaking (TenderSwap)

Become a launch partner

Validators and delegators can join the Tenderize v2 launch partner campaign. Those staking or holding MATIC, LPT, or GRT can stake with Tenderize v2 during our November mainnet launch for additional WAGYU rewards on top of the public WAGYU airdrop and WAGYU staking rewards. 

By joining the launch cohort you’ll join other industry leaders such as Luganodes, Data Nexus, Staking4All, Atlas Staking, Pixelfield, P-OPs, and over 20 more. 

Join our growing community

Passionate about decentralization and credible neutrality of liquid staking? Join our rapidly growing community of like minded individuals. 

For all up to date information about Tenderize v2 testnet or mainnet (coming November 2023), please join our Discord community and follow us on Twitter

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