Tenderize Passes Hacken Audit With A 9.8/10

Nigel Gauthier Loja Dollentas
by Nigel Gauthier Loja Dollentas

Apr 29, 2022 1 min read

Tenderize Passes Hacken Audit With A 9.8/10

After a thorough review by Hacken, Tenderize is proud to announce a completed audit with a security score of 9.8/10.

Tenderize aims to be both an intuitive protocol that unlocks the liquidity of Web3 while also being safe enough for real-world use. With now a rigorous testnet phase and audit complete, Tenderize is much closer to a mainnet launch.


This overall 9.8 score was made based on 4 factors:

The full report can be read on Hacken’s website, with a direct link for viewing here.

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