Introducing Tenderize Validator Grants

Tenderize Team
by Tenderize Team

May 31, 2023 2 min read

Introducing Tenderize Validator Grants

Validator Grants

Tenderize Labs is offering $2M worth of grants to validators participating in the launch of Tenderize v2 launch. Grants are paid in WAGYU, the protocol’s token. If Tenderize v2 grows in adoption, protocol revenue increases and validator grant recipients share in the upside.

If you’re already sold and want to apply, scroll to “How to participate” or click this link.

Tenderize v2

Tenderize v2 is a fully decentralized and permissionless version of Tenderize v1.

Validators can self delegate through Tenderize v2, transforming a previously staked position into a liquid staked token (LST), which Tenderize calls tTokens. The new tToken can be swapped for the unstaked version of the same asset through Tenderize’s application specific AMM: TenderSwap v2.

Jumpstarting The Protocol
Tenderize v2 is going to market with an initial cohort of validators which will self delegate on launch day. We want your validator in the Tenderize v2 Validator Launch Cohort!

Tenderize v2 Validator Cohort

Tenderize Labs is organizing a Genesis Validator Cohort to jumpstart the protocol TVL and provide validators for the community to delegate MATIC, LPT and GRT to. Participants already running validators on the supported networks can self delegate through Tenderize v2 for multiple benefits listed below.

Benefits to Validators

Supported Assets In Tenderize v2

Stake MATIC, GRT or LPT through Tenderize v2 and a liquid representation of the stake is minted (tToken), serving as the LST. This asset will continue to generate the native interest rate, but the WAGYU can boost yield for themselves or the community delegators. tETH and tBNB launching soon after launch.

The blue bar represents the rewards you earn for contributing to the security of a specific protocol, what we call "native staking yield." The "Grants" and "Airdrop/incentives" (illustrated as green and purple bars) can be understood as an "extra yield," which is disbursed in WAGYU. While Airdrop/incentives will be available for everyone, grants are exclusive for launch partners.

How to participate

Tenderize Labs is now accepting applications for validators to join the Validator Launch Cohort!

To apply to receive your part of the $2M in grants, fill out the google form here.

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