Tenderize - August 2023 Newsletter

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Sep 1, 2023 3 min read

Tenderize - August 2023 Newsletter

GM Chefs,

Welcome back to the monthly news - August - a month dedicated to the unveiling of Tenderize v2 and WAGYU! August set the tone for the second half of 2023, which will include the mainnet launch of Tenderize v2 and WAGYU. August was full of announcements, product development progress and security audits. Read this newsletter to stay up to date on all the exciting developments that happened this month:

Tenderize V2 Announced

After a year of research and development, the first version of Tenderize v2 was unveiled! The v2 upgrade is a totally new approach to liquid staking, one that is fully permissionless for validators and delegators. The system is comprised of three core products:

Read, like and share the announcement tweet thread here!

Tenderize V2 Roadmap

The highly anticipated v2 of Tenderize will roll out in a two phased launch. Phase one consists of building tToken liquidity. This will begin in October. Users can stake through Tenderize v2 to earn WAGYU IOUs from staking rewards and the future airdrop. During this time TenderSwap won’t be live yet, but users can unstake their tToken if desired.

Phase starts in November with the liquidity event for TenderSwap, the shared liquidity pool for tTokens to swap through. TenderSwap liquidity will be attracted using chicken bonds.

Learn more about the multi-phase launch and how to capture your share of WAGYU in this blog - Read, like and share the announcement tweet thread here!


On the first of August, we announced to the world Liquid Staking 2.0 is coming with Tenderize V2. To accompany the new suite of products, we have a new look! The playful design

Read all about what Tenderize V2 stands for, and liquid staking 2.0 here

Start of monthly AMA Series

On August 7th we announced the first of many monthly AMA’s held by the core team. The goal of these AMA’s is to speak directly to chefs and provide progress updates on how the road to v2 is going.

The next AMA will be first week of September on the 7th. These AMA’s are also a great time to ask the core team directly any questions you may have around v2. The AMA’s are held on twitter spaces, with full recordings of previous AMAs published onto our Twitter directly if you can’t make the live session.

WAGYU Tokenomics

Later in the month we released tokenomic details around WAGYU, the token central to the Tenderize ecosystem. Read all about the airdrop schedule, tokenomics, and more in the full blog:

Liquidity Grants

The last of our launch partner interviews will be wrapping up soon! Apply before out October launch!

If you are interested in steaking to the validator of your choice through Tenderize v2 on launch day, please fill our an application to become a launch partner on Tenderize.me or directly schedule an interview at https://calendly.com/tenderize

Looking Forward... Testnet!

In September, launch partners will begin using Tenderize v2 in a testnet enviornment. This will showcase the ability to wrap stake into a liquid staked tokens (LST) with TenderVaults and the ability to swap that LST for the unstaked token on TenderSwap. During this phase, partners provide feedback to improve Tenderize v2 prior to the October mainnet launch.

Follow us on Twitter for access to the most up to date infomration! If you have any questions at all, hop into our Discord today or join us on Wednesday, September 6th at 10a ET / 2p  UTC.

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