Connecting Web3 with DeFi through Liquid Staking

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Tender Tokens

Liquid staking derivatives pegged 1:1 to your staked assets

Your TenderToken balance will increase as Tenderize earns staking rewards so you earn yield simply by holding them.

Connect with DeFi

TenderTokens unleash the composability between DeFi and staked assets, allowing you to earn yield on top of yield.

TenderTokens provide a new financial primitive that unlocks a wide array of new use cases for your staked web3 tokens.

Easy Staking

Tenderize creates a carefree staking experience.

Simply deposit your tokens to earn rewards and watch your balance increase, delegations are managed by the Tenderize protocol.

Automatic Rewards

Tenderize automatically compounds rewards on a regular basis.

Stake delegations to nodes are managed according to their profitability, reliability and performance.

No Lockups

Easily unlock your staked assets without going through long waiting periods.

Instantly swap your TenderTokens for underlying assets using TenderSwap liquidity pools.


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